Legal Business Development: Ohio Office’s Expansion

January 13, 2020

Intelliteach (now known as Frontline Managed Services), the leading provider of Managed Information Technology and Managed Financial Services to the legal community, is pleased to announce the selection of Maumee, Ohio, a suburb of Toledo, for its latest U.S. sales and support office. The project is contingent on approvals of state and local incentives.

“When looking at locations for expansion, we quickly realized that Maumee was the right choice based on the strength of the community, number of qualified applicants, and proximity to an international airport, altogether” said Seelin Naidoo, CEO of Intelliteach (now known as Frontline Managed Services).

Business Development Influence on the Job Market

“We are looking forward to introducing ourselves to the community and to being part of the growth of the northwest Ohio business corridor.” “Intelliteach (now known as Frontline Managed Services) is a rapidly growing Managed IT company, hence we are excited to welcome its customer service operations to Ohio,” said Dana Saucier, JobsOhio vice president and head of economic development.

“This new location in Maumee will bring jobs to more than 130 Ohioans who will support Intelliteach’s continued global growth.” The office will be home to its ever-expanding IT Service Desk, offering not only IT support to medium and large sized law firms all over the world, but also Managed Financial Services focused on enhancing the profitability of its client firms. It is expected that the new location will bring over 130 new jobs to the market eventually.

“Our expansion is just another example of our commitment to the growth of the firm. Over the last 18 months, we have made major advancements in our offerings to the legal industry within integrated Managed Services,” said Naidoo. “This includes locating the best talent the industry has to offer in each of our markets.” Intelliteach’s (now known as Frontline Managed Services) other offices are located in Atlanta, St. Louis, Toronto, London and Goa, India, and are home to over 500 employees.