Baseline Assessment Review

Frontline Managed Services uses their proprietary software to conduct a Baseline Assessment Review (BAR). This assessment allows us to complete an analysis of your Firm’s Billing Realization and Collection Realization performance over the last 24 months.

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Values and
Benefits of
the BAR:

Allows a professional and objective analysis of realization rates compared to firms of similar size, scope, and practice mix; and against the Firm’s own revenue potential.
Quantifies the Firm’s at-risk amounts and opportunity for increased profitability based on current levels of revenue billed (24 months of data generally corrects for outlier months, large payments or settlements, significant write-offs, etc.)
Use of iRIS Business Intelligence (BI) software provides insight on possible improvement areas for the Firm’s operational effectiveness, particularly around billing and collections.
Provides a forum to discuss Firm’s efforts to improve profitability and operational effectiveness apart from ad hoc conversations on particular clients, partners, etc.
Serves as a benchmark against which to measure future performance and ROI.

BAR Presentation Includes:

Billing and collection metrics

Granular “drill-down” capability by office, practice group, billing attorney, client matter, fee arrangement, client annual revenue stratification

Average Days to Bill, Average Days to Pay

Billing and collection realization

Month to date, year to date, year over year, and lifetime billing and collections

Days of unbilled and days of A/R

Portfolio age and balance

Industry benchmark comparisons for legal standards and best-in-class practices


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