5 Security Measures Law Firms Must Have

5 Security Measures Law Firms Must Have in 2023
To Keep Up with the Changing Cyber Insurance Dynamics, Client Expectations, and Ransomware Threats

In the ever-evolving world of technology, it is essential for law firms to stay informed about the latest developments in cyber insurance, client expectations, and ransomware threats. Don’t get left behind – join us for this informative webinar where you will hear from a panel of experts about the top 5 security measures law firms must have to satisfy the client and cyber insurance expectations, secure client data, and stay ahead of cyber-attacks. Get your questions answered by the experts during the Q&A session. Take advantage of this opportunity to protect your law firm now and in the future. Register today!

The topics covered in the webinar include:

The changing cyber insurance dynamics and ransomware threats in 2023 that every law firm should be aware of.

Why traditional security measures are no longer sufficient in today's threat landscape.

The 5 essential security measures cyber insurance providers and law firm clients expect firms to have in place in 2023.

How to stay ahead of cyber-attacks and protect your firm and client data.



Michael Glasser

Executive Vice President at Frontline Managed Services

Expertise in cybersecurity for Law Firms

Emily Short, JD

Vice President of Technology Risk at the Insgroup

Expertise in Cyber Risk Management & Insurance

Ben Bitterman

Vice President at Arctic Wolf

Expertise in Ransomware prevention & security.


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