Legal IT Operations Platform Powered by ServiceNow®

The Legal IT Operations Platform powered by ServiceNow® is a purpose-built platform for law firms offering capabilities that digitize, connect, and automate siloed processes to make workflow more productive and efficient.

The robust nature of the ServiceNow® platform allows our team to deliver operational excellence across the legal vertical. Frontline has leveraged the platform’s foundation through years of experience in legal IT operations along with client partner interface to create this best in class standard configuration.

We developed this proprietary system in 2021 to apply Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices, efficiencies, and to deliver technology and operational excellence to support law firms and various departments including IT, facilities, administrative, management, reporting, and more.  Today we have over 15,000 users and engineers on the platform.


Our proprietary process…

We have developed The Legal IT Operations Platform to offer capabilities that digitize, connect, and automate siloed processes to make workflows more productive with greater efficiencies.

Create Connection Across Your Firm

We've taken the ServiceNow platform foundation and expanded it with configurations specifically for legal. Eliminate silos with one data model and one architecture to create seamless cross-enterprise processes.

Drives User Productivity and Reduces Costs

Optimize business roadmaps seamlessly across people, data, and systems. We simplify digital workflows to create a seamless user experience.

Scale Smarter and Faster

Unleash the power of AI and analytics to surface information, make predictions, and automate repetitive tasks to quickly solve problems. Automate and optimize work across multiple departments. Allows for quick scalability, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Let's discuss what The Legal IT Operations Platform can do for your Firm today.