Revenue Cycle Management in Houston

Revenue Cycle Management Services for Houston Law Firms

Improve Your Cash Flow and Revenue Realization

Revenue Cycle Management offers a comprehensive end-to-end solution for all major accounting functions for Law Firms. Powered by innovative technology, our dedicated teams of experts manage each aspect of the intake-to-cash cycle while maximizing the revenue process.

10x ROI Across the Firm

96 % of eBills are Accepted on First Submission

95 % of A/R Collected

50 % Reduction in Write-offs

5 Days Improvement in Revenue Recovery Speed

A/R Management: Dedicated team member that values relationships

Improve Your Law Firm’s Cash to Intake Cycle

ISO27001:2013 Certified

Request our A/R Assessment 
to receive:

      • Billing and collection metrics
      • Average Days to Bill, Average Days to Pay
      • Days of unbilled and days of A/R
      • Portfolio age and balance
      • Industry benchmark comparisons

Benefits of Revenue Cycle Management Solutions for Law Firms

Increase Overall Firm Profit

Increase eBill Acceptance

Collection Realization Improvement

Improved Cash Cycle

Resolved Billing Rejections


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