Three Critical Gaps in Your Law Firm’s Staff Cybersecurity Training: Are You Covered?

Three Critical Gaps in Your Law Firm’s Staff Cybersecurity Training: Are You Covered?

April 23, 12:30PM ET

Hosted by Michael Glasser and Ben Bitterman, Frontline Managed Services

Imagine your law firm as a fortress. Every employee, from partners to summer interns, holds a key to its gates. Yet, despite robust walls, a single unlocked door can invite disaster. Join us for an insightful webinar hosted by Law Firm Cybersecurity experts, Michael Glasser with Frontline Managed Services and Ben Bitterman from Arctic Wolf on ensuring you have a cybersecurity training program to protect your firm.

Learn how to transform these gaps into fortified defenses and find out if your current cybersecurity training contains the 3 critical elements to ensure that every staff member at your firm is equipped to protect, not jeopardize your firm’s data.

Key Takeaways:

Empower Every Team Member

Ensure every person at your law firm, from the seasoned partners to enthusiastic interns, understands their role in safeguarding your firm’s data. We’ll provide straightforward steps so everyone can become a confident defender against cyber threats.

Identify Missing Pieces

We’ll help you discover the three essential components your cybersecurity training might lack, ensuring that your defense strategy is comprehensive and leaves no stone unturned.

Cultivate Proactive Habits

Teach your team to anticipate and prevent cyber incidents through practical, easy-to-implement strategies. This proactive approach empowers each member to act before threats materialize.

Strengthen Vulnerable Areas

Learn how to pinpoint weaknesses within your team’s cybersecurity knowledge and transform these into strengths with targeted training, enhancing your firm’s overall security posture.

All participants will be eligible for a complimentary security gap analysis (up to one hour)