Best Practices in Client Intake Process & Conflict Checks

Best Practices in Client Intake Process & Conflict Checks

Thursday, Aug 24th at 12:30 ET

Presented by:
Connie Englind, Director of Operations
Doug Miller, Director, Managed Legal Operations

In this webinar you will learn:

The Client Intake Process: Analysis of Risk/Reward

Explore the process, mechanics, and insight behind assessing clients’ risk to the firm. This approach includes strategies to analyze and minimize financial uncertainty.

How to create a Client Intake process

Identify internal thresholds for review

Analyze public record information

Provide a risk rating

Conflict Checks: An Essential Step in the Intake Process

Here we will introduce fundamental elements of a Conflicts program critical to law firms.

Why due diligence is essential

Ethical implications

Process is in everyone’s best interest

There are always exceptions

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