ServiceNow™ Admin Training Videos

Category Creation

Logging On

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Category Creation

How to create a Category 


Client Service Desk Dashboard 

Find Shared Dashboards

Creating Dashboards and adding Widgets 

Adding Favorites 

Add Favorites from Navigation Pane

Add Favorites from List View 

Customize and Re-order Favorites

Removing a Favorite 

Incident Ownership 

Adjusting Ownership

Knowledge Management 

Knowledge Management Overview

Knowledge Base Submissions

Creating a Knowledge Base Article 

Knowledge Article Approval 

Creating Broadcasts

Feedbase Tasks

Modifying a Knowledge Base Article 

Creating and Inserting Knowledge Blocks

On Call

Create (Define) Emergency On-Call Schedule

Set On-Call Notification Attempts & Types

Edit on Call Schedule 

Edit on Call Schedule 


Outage Basics

Creating and Closing Outages

QA Assessments 



Reports Administration 


Creating and Modifying Schedules 


Creating and Modifying SLA Definitions

User Admin

User Administration Overview

Create and Modify Non-AD Managed User Accounts

VIP Notes

Manually Add Groups to a User

Creating a Department 

Creating Groups

Enable Impersonator & Impersonate Another User