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Document Management Services for AttorneysDocument Management Services for Attorneys
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Document Management Services for Attorneys

Frontline Managed Services ® understands the burden of maintaining a management system for documents within the legal industry. Our team has developed a best-in-class solution to reduce the labor needed from your firm. Frontline Managed Services' Document Management service line is built to handle creation, conversion, and cleanup of documents, as well as transcription and data entry, all on a standardized platform. Our company can even assist your Firm with printing, mailing, filing, ordering files, scheduling video conferences and rooms, or any other miscellaneous project that arises. Frontline Managed Services’ priority is providing your Firm with a solution that works every time, on every front. 
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Our integrated approach to Administrative, Financial, and Managed IT Services keeps your back office operating smoothly as we streamline service delivery models to customize a solution that’s right for you.

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