Interactive Learning + Engaging Content = Quality Results

SkillBuilder eLearning provides new innovative ways to empower employees and end users with accessible tools and technologies, enabling them to stay informed and educated in all things related to legal technology.

SkillBuilder eLearning was designed from more than 60,000 knowledge base articles and the know-how of over 12 million-strong ticket data. Our online eLearning tool increases productivity through a multifaceted portal that is branded for the firm.

SkillBuilder provides a three-tiered model of service:

Self-Service for users

Service Desk support provided by Solution Sender

Learning Management System

All features include access to our robust library of ever-growing content tailored specifically for Legal.

SkillBuilder is a single platform that helps you bridge the gaps between technology and people, between security and compliance, and between efficiency and revenue realization.


What people say about us

Missy DesRoches -  Intelliteach

Legal IT departments that work with an outsource provider typically have the greater benefit of being able to leverage comprehensive data collected across multiple organizations. Powerful information such as this can help a firm predict some of the most common questions that will occur during a software transition, and be able to proactively provide training in those areas.”

Missy DesRoches Intelliteach
Craig Friedl  - COO, VP Client Services – Intelliteach

“Legal IT teams that have harnessed the data from their Service Management tool have valuable insights into the firm’s support trends in order to determine their customers’ needs going forward. For example, looking at ticket data over the months of May-June-July will help a firm understand the technical training needs of their summer associates, while at the same time identifying where additional staffing may be needed to ensure service levels are met.”

Craig Friedl COO, VP Client Services – Intelliteach