Carlos Gámez Details Strategies for Successful Outsourced Relationships for ALA 

September 22, 2021

Carlos Gámez authored an article for the July/August 2021 issue of Legal Management, the flagship publication for the Association of Legal Administrators, discussing the rewards of effective management and collaboration with outsourcing IT services for law firm change.

When engaging outsourcing IT services to manage internal change, even the most capable administrators and their partners must face challenges posed by client confidentiality, firm structure, administrative managed service workloads, billing sensitivities and the legal profession’s perceived resistance to change can all pose challenges for even the most capable administrators and their partners. So how can firm leadership successfully manage these unique client-vendor relationships? “The key lies in skillful change management and collaboration between the firm’s operational teams and outside providers,” Gámez said. “To effectively navigate change, administrators must integrate their partners into the organization’s processes as well as its culture. This requires a coauthored roadmap, a rational execution strategy and a good measure of subtle finesse.”

Based on the emphasis that Frontline Managed Services’ Administrative, Financial and Managed IT Services teams place on becoming valued partners to law firm teams, Gámez highlighted the benefits for firms engaging outsourcing IT services’ expertise, the importance of relationships and cultural understanding, key questions firms should ask potential partners, strategies for an implementation roadmap and the value of a collaborative culture.

For these in-depth insights, you may access a PDF of the article here or view the article online here.