Managed Service Providers (MSPs) Are Rebuilding and Reinvigorating the Legal Services Landscape

4 Takeaways From the 2022 ALA Annual Conference & Expo  

Members of our Frontline team recently attended ALA’s 2022 Annual Conference & Expo in Kissimmee, Florida. They joined legal leaders from around the country for thought-provoking presentations, interactive discussions, and networking sessions. Much of the conference focused on ways legal managers are balancing changing business demands with the complexities of leading people in a remote and hybrid environment, such as managing performance, handling conflict, and fostering collaboration. 

If you missed this event, take a look at 4 of the biggest takeaways from Frontline’s Vice Presidents of Sales, Andres Garcia and Julie Power 

1. Collections Aren’t Keeping Pace With Billing

Billing has hit record highs over the last two years. As clients switch to eBilling systems without clear and comprehensive processes in place, collections are falling behind. Many firms can’t find enough talent to support their billing needs and do not have the financial business intelligence to address open A/R effectively. They are considering leveraging outsourcing eBilling and data driven accounts receivable management to improve realization. 

Our team has been providing collections services since 1987 and collected over one billion dollars last year. We assist firms throughout the entire client intake to cash cycle. We can process billing, collections, and cash applications

2. Administrative Work Is Becoming Increasingly Burdensome for Growing Firms

As firms grow and update their workflows, necessary administrative tasks are becoming a challenge. Coupled by hiring hurdles, docketing, client intake support, conflict checks, contract management and other admin responsibilities are becoming burdensome to manage, especially for smaller firms with limited admin resources.

Our team has vast consulting knowledge and can personalize processes and workflows as a service. As firms’ needs grow, so do our service lines. We are adaptable partners and provide tailored services that optimize operations for law firms across the world.

3. Firms Don’t Want Data Tied to a Physical Location

In the past, firms didn’t care where their data was hosted if it was secure and accessible. However, many firms are now reducing all physical, on-premise servers.

Cloud-based tech solutions are becoming more commonplace among law firms. With a carefully planned, integrated strategy to host critical systems in the cloud, firms become much less susceptible to disruptions and revenue loss, even when employees can’t or don’t regularly come into a physical office. Vendors must be vetted to ensure their offerings meet the specific needs of firms regarding security, cost, data capacity demands, scalability and industry-specific applications. As firms continue to seek these solutions, legal specialized Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can help them transition.  

4. Legal-Focused Managed Service Providers Are a Best Kept Secret

Legal-focused MSPs create significant value for law firms. Firms are starting to see the value of engaging a legal-focused MSP that understands their needs, integrations, applications, and time-sensitive requirements.

Frontline is proud to be one of the only MSPs in the world that’s highly specialized in the legal industry. As we discussed the MSP evaluation process at ALA, many firms were surprised and impressed when they learned of our legal expertise and capabilities.

This year’s conference provided us with valuable insights on opportunities to rebuild and reinvigorate the processes and tools of today’s law firms. It was great to connect with industry leaders and learn more about how our service lines can address their pain points and help create more productive, profitable firms.

As a company with a portfolio of services tailored to the legal industry, we are driven to help improve our client relationships to a point that our competitors can’t match. If your firm needs a partner that can implement, manage, support and secure new technologies and other back-office processes, we are here to help.   


We believe artificial intelligence (AI) that provides end user support and increases employee productivity is the next big thing. As remote and hybrid work becomes normalized, we predict firms will continue expanding the use of innovative collaboration tools that lean on AI (Microsoft Teams, Move Works, AI enabled SaaS platforms).  

Andres Garcia is a Vice President of Sales at Frontline Managed Services. Julie Power is a Vice President of Sales at Frontline Managed Services with over 14 years’ experience in the legal and trade association space, specifically on Information Technology and Security Services.