Carlos Gámez Discusses Tech Innovation for ILTA Peer-to-Peer Summer 2021 Issue

August 3, 2021

For the Summer 2021 issue of ILTA’s Peer to Peer magazine, Carlos Gámez authored an article on managing the accelerated advances in technological opportunities for the legal industry amid an era of unprecedented evolution in legal services and the service delivery model.

While change was afoot in our industry pre-COVID, the forced adaptation to remote work sped things up for law firms, and as we look forward to (hopefully) putting the pandemic behind us, many lessons will continue to drive change, including the success and work-life-balance seen with work-from-home models, partner acceptance of the role technology plays in improving the delivery of legal services and reducing firm costs, and greater openness to new practice models.

As law firm teams look to capitalize on opportunities to innovate, Gámez offers insight on navigating near- and long-term success with change management, guidance for technology leaders to educate the firm on available services, remaining agile and becoming resilient, and the future of innovation for the legal technology community.

You may download the full article here, and it is also available in the digital edition of ILTA Peer to Peer here.