Seelin Naidoo on IT MSP Relationships Following COVID-19

November 30, 2020

The immediate response to COVID-19 created an unprecedented demand for quality IT MSPs (IT Managed Service Providers) to law firms as they adapted to a disperse, remote workforce, which meant technology service providers had to take transformational steps to meet the moment. Intelliteach Seelin Naidoo discussed the impact of the emergency with ALM’s LegalTech News for a November 24, 2020 article, even including a sense of camaraderie and partnership between law firms and Intelliteach (now known as Frontline Managed Services).

Remote IT MSP Challenges

IT providers had to quickly adjust to significant upticks in demand with an unspoken understanding that everyone was overburdened, Naidoo said. “The level of anxiety was really, really high. To the credit of my group, they did weather through that. Clients were patient. People understand this is an uncontrollable event.”

Intelliteach (now known as Frontline Managed Services) saw a 400% uptick in requests during the first four to six weeks after the March lockdowns went into effect, which included troubleshooting issues for newly remote workers and the nuances of individual firms. However, even with Intelliteach’s industry leading support response times at an average of 16-seconds, some of these problems can take longer to resolve when overhauling company-wide technology usage. Subsequently, law firms understood the challenge and were especially appreciative of the Managed IT support.

“In truth, it was a partnership on all fronts that people understood: these are unusual circumstances; we are in this together; and we will get through this together. And we did,” Naidoo said.

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