3 Benefits to Streamlined Legal Workflows 

Introducing Frontline’s Legal IT Operations Platform Powered by ServiceNow®

As the remote work model becomes standard, streamlined workflows have never been more important, especially for the legal industry. For the last few years, the Frontline team has been developing the Legal IT Operations Platform powered by ServiceNow® to help our clients unlock productivity and run more efficient and profitable law firms.

What Is ServiceNow?

ServiceNow is the foundation for all digital workflows that connects people, functions, and systems across organizations. We leverage the platform to apply ITIL best practices, capitalize on the efficiencies it creates while delivering technology and operational excellence to our client firms. As a widely recognized and highly regarded brand, ServiceNow was the ideal platform to expand our previous IT operations platform for legal workflows. 

Based on our experience leveraging the Legal IT Operations Platform powered by ServiceNow’s capabilities, here are the top 3 benefits your law firm can expect:

1. Develop & Implement More Efficient Workflows

The robust nature of the ServiceNow platform allows our team to create operational excellence across the legal vertical. We took the platform’s foundation and expanded it with new configurations to support firms’ IT departments, facilities, administrative services, managementreporting, and more.

The platform streamlines the following functions:

  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) system integration for optimized ticketing
  • Incident Management for incident lifecycle tracking
  • Problem Management to track known issues and reduce related incidents
  • Change Management to document and control Changes in the environment with minimum disruption to IT services
  • Service Request Management for efficiency and consistency in handling incoming requests
  • Self-Service Portal for users to submit requests, incidents, receive updates on progress, and research information related to their inquiries
  • Process optimization to create automated business process flows and reduce inefficiencies

The platform also includes access to pillars in development such as a prescribed path toward a mature Configuration Management Data Base (CMDB) via a Common Service Data Model (CSDM). The CSDM, along with discovery integration tools, is leveraged to maintain a CMDB that help firms reduce outages, remain in compliance, proactively plan, anticipate future changes, and more. In addition, custom applications are becoming available for non-IT departments that need a simple ticketing tool that provides task management, reporting, and easy assignments to or from the IT Department.

2. Cost Reductions

While was created with service desk-focused firms in mind, we believe that any client in need of a robust IT service management platform can benefit from its capabilities. By leveraging our Legal IT Operations Platform, firms reduce the need to manage the platform themselves, reducing overall operating costs to the firm.

3. Built for Legal to Fit the Needs of All Law Firms 

Our clients are helping us build a better platform for the future of legal. While working from the Legal IT Operations Platform, firms can tailor their data to fit their individual needs. As we receive input and ideas, we continue to build upon the current model and expand the Legal IT Operations Platform, to make a better product and experience for all.

Our mission is to continually enhance its application and create a brighter, more productive future for the legal industry to ensure the delivery of technology excellence for many years to come. We look forward to our clients experiencing our Legal IT Operations Platform powered by ServiceNow®.

Harry Schroeder is the Director of Software as a Service at Frontline Managed Services.