Frontline Managed Services: Global Market Leadership


Since joining Frontline Managed Services in 2004, Seelin has helped the company reach new heights in the Global Legal industry by spearheading several successful business transformations and business acquisitions.

During his tenure, Seelin has played a pivotal role in evolving Frontline Managed Services into a global leader in managed services for law firms. As a result of Seelin’s inputs, the company is now serving more than 600 law firms, with over 850 employees worldwide and growing. Recently, CEO Insights Magazine got an opportunity to connect with the veteran. In the interview, Seelin shared in detail the growth and unique position that Frontline Managed Services enjoys today.

Excerpts from the recent interaction.

Enlighten us about Frontline Managed Services as an organization and its position in the global market today.

We are the leading global provider of outsourcing solutions in the legal industry. We connect more than 600 law firm clients with administrative and managed IT services in ways that were never previously imagined, leading to an average of 10 times return on investment and a 40 per-cent reduction in overall operating expenses. In India, we have operations in Goa and Hyderabad. In the US, we have offices in Atlanta, Honolulu, Nashville, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Toledo, and Washington, D.C., and we have another office in London. We have over 850 employees across those markets while offering best-in-class wages and benefits for those regions.

What are the values that the company represents, and how are they reflected in the value additions offered to its clients? 

We are committed to supporting a diverse work-force where collective skills achieve business results, abilities and talents that drive our success. Through respect for one another, our clients, and our business partners, we foster an environment of respect and fairness in all our business interactions emphatically. Together we are building a workforce of like-minded individuals in our commitment to exceptional customer service.

Unquestionably, innovation is an essential aspect of our DNA. We’ve promised to remain out front on every front for our clients and industry, which means staying ahead of the curve of legal service delivery by lever-aging our significant presence to lead the legal industry forward and optimizing our client’s business in every aspect accordingly.

In your managed service professional journey so far, what has been the business mantra that shaped you into the individual, you are today?

Lead business transformation always drove me to deliver world-class service to clients, no matter what that service might be. For this purpose, this includes adding value to our clients’ businesses, growing our footprint to extend services even further, and adding the most talented professionals to our team to help us innovate throughout their careers.

What is your perception of future managed service market behavior and opportunities?
What are the goals you aspire to achieve?

The legal industry has gone through a few transformative years, and we expect that to continue. Moreover, law firms have a real opportunity to harness tech innovation at every front of their business to optimize operations, profitability and ultimately, results for their clients. As well as the service delivery model evolves, our aspiration remains to be out front of these innovations for our clients and the industry.