Company Rebrand to Frontline Managed Services Featured in LegalTech News

February 9, 2021

The February 9, 2021 Intelliteach and Hilltop Consultants‘ company rebrand announcement to become Frontline Managed Services was featured in LegalTech News with insight from Frontline CEO Seelin Naidoo on the company’s growth and progress leading to the name change.

The new name reflects our company’s growth globally and the expansion of our Administrative, Financial and IT Managed Services offerings accordingly. In addition, it also reflects Frontline Managed Services’ client-centric approach to service delivery, especially informed by our role supporting law firms’ businesses in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. “We were on the front line of their support,” Naidoo said pointing to the inspiration for the new name. “Because that’s really what we are doing in all parts of their business.”

Company Rebrand’s Promises

In fact, Frontline Managed Services’ brand promise focuses on transforming the global legal industry and revolutionizing its service delivery altogether. Undeniably, after nearly a decade of deliberate technology investment and innovation on many fronts, we are now the first our clients call, the first to respond to them, the first to resolve their issues, and the first to think of ways to improve their technology.

As IT outsourcing remains prevalent in most law firms, Naidoo noted there is work to be done educating the legal market about the value that services offered by Frontline provide, and the new name is an opportunity to push those efforts forward markedly.

“I think organizations like ours have pushed the industry to not think about reducing costs, but to think about changing their service delivery model,” he said. “Send certain functions that aren’t your core competency to organizations like ours where it is our core competency… it gets you out of the capital expenditure business and gets you into enabling technology solutions that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to invest in yourself.”

You may also read more about the announcement in the press release available here

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