Packaged Success Transforms User Adoption for Small Firms Implementing iManage Work 10

Small Firms Implementing iManage

February 28, 2019

Chicago, IL, Dallas, TX, and St. Louis, MO – Packaged Success, an offering designed to ensure user adoption of iManage Work 10 is now available for firms with less than 100 users. Olenick, Traveling Coaches, and Intelliteach launched Packaged Success after working closely with iManage to understand and address the user adoption pain points that impact small firms. Consistent and efficient deployment, effective change management and training, and 24/7 post-implementation support are implementation facets that many firms have difficulty supporting. 

“Our vision for the partner community has always been to help customers fully realize and adopt the benefits of the iManage platform. We are very excited to see partners within our community combining their expertise to provide innovative solutions that solve common challenges for small firms. Having a package that integrates with our implementation partners allows our customers to have a seamless path from purchase to well-adopted, satisfied users. I have no doubt that Packaged Success will be a game changer for those small firms that need additional support with desktop deployment and testing, training, and support.” Says Dean Leung, Chief Customer Success Officer at iManage.

Many small firms experience resource challenges when manually deploying iManage to every device, delivering training and communication materials, and providing the additional support users require during initial rollouts. Packaged Success brings together award-winning expertise to all of these areas for a streamlined experience at a low, fixed price. Olenick packages iManage and integrated applications, tests the application integration, deploys the upgrade, and verifies deployment success. Traveling Coaches provides world-class Work 10 user adoption materials and training. Intelliteach provides fast, reliable, accurate responses to users’ support needs 24/7. Combined, these three partners ensure widespread adoption, a return on your technology investment, and overall project success.

For more information on our partnership with iManage, click here.


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Traveling Coaches

About Traveling Coaches

At Traveling Coaches, we focus on the people side of change and on helping law firms leverage the benefits of their migration to the Work 10 document management system. The lack of user adoption is the number one reason why technology initiatives fail. Coupled with engaging communications and effective learning delivered by experienced coaches, our award-winning change management methodology makes the difference between getting by and getting complete user buy-in. With two decades of experience with hundreds of firms and thousands of iManage customers, we know the road to user adoption better than anyone.


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About Olenick

With over 20 years of experience delivering legal software projects, Olenick’s technologists are experts in the domain. Olenick provides a simple, low-cost way to deploy iManage Work 10 to all devices. We are legal application engineering experts and have customized a solution that includes application packaging of iManage and integrated applications, an automated deployment framework for any environment, testing of application integration and verification of successful installation on all devices. With 4 global locations, our dedicated legal practice supports an array of clients from Fortune 50 to small and mid-sized firms.