Doug Furst Discusses Pax8’s Acquisition of Sea-Level Operations

May 10, 2021

Doug Furst discussed Pax8’s acquisition of Sea-Level Operations in a May 10, 2021 article for CRN based on his experience with Sea-Level at Hilltop Consultants prior to its acquisition by Frontline Managed Services. In a May 10 news release, Pax8 announced it was acquiring the firm to expand its partners’ access to a phased platform to improve and build operations, coaching, development programs and an extensive content library.

The Key to Sea-Level Operations Success

Furst has first-hand knowledge of Sea-Level’s services as a graduate of their operations training program. He credits its proven approach for helping the team at Hilltop Consultants, and now Frontline Managed Services, examine and improve billing and customer service processes. He notes that the key to Sea-Level’s success is a focus on triage and empowering clients to redefine existing procedures. Furst also commented that Sea-Level may provide insight into “how Pax8 works to a new group of MSPs who do not yet understand the company.”

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