Ernesto Negron Discusses Cybersecurity Tips on Savannah, Ga.’s NBC Affiliate – WSAV

January 28, 2021

Ernesto Negron, Director of Security for Intelliteach (now known as Frontline Managed Services) company Hilltop Consultants, provided legal cybersecurity tips in a segment for the January 28 National Data Privacy Day on WSAV, the NBC affiliate station in Savannah, Ga.

Cyber attacks and attempts at stealing data have been on the rise as remote working has become the norm, but many aren’t taking the proper steps to protect themselves – especially as professionals and consumers rely on such a variety of electronic devices. “We are all so interconnected with all the different devices that we have that privacy is always going to be a concern,” Negron said.

Quintessential Cybersecurity Tips to Help Fight Common Vulnerabilities

He went on to detail the various vulnerabilities for consumer and professional electronics, especially in a home setting. Beginning with antivirus software, updates should be set to occur automatically and users should regularly confirm the firewall is functioning. For in-home wi-fi routers, Negron noted that users too often fail to update passwords from the default setting, which creates a vulnerability where hackers could access the network and devices.

While cell phones are sources for some of our most personal data, Negron added that people often overlook security when it comes to their mobile devices. In addition to being careful about the applications downloaded to the device, users should review privacy settings of each application – and disable features where necessary.

Of course, secure passwords are central to sound cybersecurity. In addition to using a secure web-based program to store passwords, Negron suggested that users never use the same password for multiple sites, use passwords that are at least 12 characters long and use complex passwords with a blend of cases, numbers and symbols. Users should also take advantage of two-step authentication when available.

While the work-from-home rush exposed significant vulnerabilities, Negron suggests that users have come around and learned security best practices. “It was a learning curve that was forced upon us, so now people are more mindful fo security issues and security concerns, especially with all the security breaches that have been occurring.”

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