Did You Miss ILTACON 2022? Our Team Recaps the Biggest Takeaways

As part of our mission to stay out in front on every front, we make it a priority to stay aware of trends and issues affecting the industry.  Our team recently attended ILTACON 2022, the International Legal Technology Association’s premier educational and networking conference for the legal sector at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in Maryland. The five-day event allowed our team to connect with fellow industry leaders to collaborate and discuss solutions.

We asked Vice President of Sales’ Andres Garcia, Neil Ramich, Brian Redar and Robert Stolph to share takeaways from their experience.

Read their insights below:

What Was Your Main Takeaway From #ILTACON22?

“Firms are investing in technology and maturing their IT organizations more than they have in past years. Many firms are focused on transferring workloads to the cloud and seeking ways to streamline deployment across a more remote workforce as they expand their geographic recruiting boundaries to address competitive hiring environments. Salaries across all roles are increasing and firms are open to outsourcing difficult-to-fill positions. Firms are conducting thorough due diligence of service providers prior to making changes. As firms make necessary technology investments, they are increasingly interested in working with IT partners who understand the intricacies of their environments, application integrations and end user’s work.

Andres Garcia

“Outsourcing is the new normal. I was pleased to hear that through this era of change in our industry, more firms are becoming more open to reaping the benefits of outsourced IT services.”

Robert Stolph

“In our industry, acquisitions and partnerships are normal. These transactions can propel companies forward or hinder them by putting client satisfaction at risk. Engaging strategic partners who can support firms through these transitions is critical.”

Brian Redar

Andres Garcia manned the Frontline booth and shared our expertise with attendees.

Andres Garcia manned the Frontline booth and shared our expertise with attendees.

What Did You Learn That Might Help Clients or Prospects? 

“I gained a deeper understanding of our recently modified help desk service delivery model. The best partners listen to their clients and adapt their businesses accordingly. Our strategic investments in our business are driving value for our clients in a league unmatched by our competitors.”

Brian Redar

What Was the Most Interesting or Surprising Insight You Gained? 

“Firms are investing in modernization, seeking innovative ways to help users increase productivity, and actively taking steps to outsource commoditized and repetitive tasks. By focusing on these areas, internal IT resources can increasingly focus on value-add work, maturing their IT infrastructure and cyber security posture.”

Andres Garcia

“Automation and outsourcing are an important focus for firms. Frontline offers many outsourcing and automation services, which are increasingly in-demand as firms embrace strategic partners and streamline their operations.”

Neil Ramich

Superman must sweat a lot in his suit while fighting crime. 

Brian Redar

 Frontline team members suited up for the superhero - themed reception Frontline team members suited up for the superhero - themed receptionFrontline team members suited up for the superhero-themed reception.

If your firm needs a partner that can implement, manage, support, and secure new technologies, we are here to help.

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