4 Benefits of Hardware as a Service (HaaS)

There is nothing more frustrating than your company-issued PC crashing or glitching and stalling your work. As mid-sized and large law firms continue allowing attorneys and staff to work remotely, outdated or unpredictable technology can greatly impact efficiency, security, and team morale, while increasing expenses.

It might be time to consider changing the way your firm manages its hardware. Hardware as a Service (HaaS) is a system where a managed service provider procures and maintains hardware utilities and functions across the entire firm. Many modern law firms find HaaS greatly reduces downtime related to hardware deficiencies and increases billable hours and client satisfaction. Here are the top four benefits firms experience when they implement HaaS:

1. Complete Life Cycle Management

It’s often easier to buy a new computer than deal with technical problems, even if it’s more expensive. With the help of Frontline IT experts, HaaS allows firms access to the latest hardware, which individual users are no longer responsible for updating. Our team handles procurement, installation, set up and even routine maintenance. We are a one-stop shop for hardware services through all phases of the hardware life cycle.

2. Increased Security and Access to Better Technology

In today’s digital age, there are new products, services, and applications for nearly every facet of business. HaaS removes the burden on firms to find, assess and purchase the latest technology. Our experts and vendors regularly keep equipment current so that firms don’t have to invest in technology that can quickly become outdated. Our goal is to keep firms running as securely and efficiently as possible with the best services and hardware available.

3. Top-Tier Vendors at Your Fingertips

Frontline maintains close partnerships with a variety of vendors to better provide quality IT and security services for law firms. Our vendors have the expertise, knowledge and resources to maintain equipment and complete proactive maintenance. Plus, our vendor approach eliminates supply chain delays because they keep inventory readily available for emergency replacements.

4. Elimination of Capital Expense

Implementing HaaS removes hassles for your team and eliminates ongoing hardware costs. Traditional IT services charge for set up and ad hoc maintenance requests. However, with HaaS, the initial price includes selection, set up, equipment maintenance and ongoing support and disposal. This model protects firms from cost increases for the agreement’s duration, which can create significant savings over time.

Frontline’s Hardware as a Service Difference

A firm’s focus should be on client service, not the challenges and complexities of hardware and IT systems. Our certified legal technology specialists provide support to new and existing technology systems. For more information on HaaS, please contact us.

Paul Telesco is the Vice President of Client Services at Frontline Managed Services. He is passionate about transforming old and broken technology systems into powerful and productive technology environments. Paul holds multiple industry certifications including Project Management Professional (PMP) and Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Foundation.