Are You Aware of Your Law Firm's Cyber Risk?

Protect Your FirmProtect Your Firm

Protect Your Firm

Let’s face it. The law firm cybersecurity space is complicated. Hackers are becoming increasingly more sophisticated, and it can be difficult to know if your firm is actually secure - and that’s just from the threats you know about. What about all the vulnerabilities that you don’t know about?

The good news: Frontline Managed Services® assessment, performed by our cybersecurity experts, will provide you with a Cyber Risk Score that details where your firm has security gaps - if there are any - to provide you peace of mind and action steps to secure your firm.

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Benefits of Cybersecurity Assessment Score

Confirm System Updates

Confirm your systems are up to date with industry standards for Law Firms.

Identify Security Gaps

Identify any cybersecurity gaps that might be leaving your firm and client data vulnerable to ransomware and cyber-attacks.

Actionable Takeaways

Receivable actionable takeaways of any findings with our Firm Risk Score.

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