3 Benefits to Proactive Network Monitoring for Law Firms

Network monitoring systems protect critical data by regularly providing background information on all network traffic. Generally, network monitoring systems identify and address hardware and software issues affecting the performance of end-user devices and ensuring those devices maintain peak performance. Constant network monitoring prevents switch failures, server outages, and other issues.  

It’s vital for law firms to regularly monitor for security threats and technical issues due to the copious amounts of sensitive data held on devices. However, not all network monitoring services are the same, which is why Frontline Managed Services developed its Network Operations Center (NOC) services, which provide advanced, comprehensive network monitoring.   

NOC Services are the cornerstone of Frontline Managed Services’ Infrastructure Operations. NOC maximizes the potential of people, processes, and technology to maintain service availability and peak performance for tens of thousands of endpoints, the physical devices that are connected to and exchange information with a network. The four functions of NOC services are to monitor, alert, troubleshoot and remediate. By leveraging NOC, law firms experience advanced network performance and uptime. NOC does more than keep networks, infrastructure and applications running. NOC quickly informs impacted users of issues, which allows users to shift their attention to other tasks without delay. All the while, a dedicated account management team actively troubleshoots and resolves the issue.  

Continue reading for the three major benefits of network monitoring and how Frontline’s NOC service offering helps optimize law firm IT departments around the world.  

Customized Services Address Individual Firm Needs

Monitoring services perform best when they are developed to fit the specific needs of the law firm. When leveraging Frontline’s NOC services, firms receive an initial assessment of the firm’s current technology landscape. This information allows IT professionals to uncover areas of concern and determine the best remedies. Frontline works closely with law firms to determine specific technical requirements, users, and pain points associated with IT systems, such as alert fatigue. Frontline develops a severity-based communication plan for common issues and an escalation chain to alert all necessary stakeholders. Because no two firms are alike, each individual NOC service package is piloted, tested, and adjusted before implementation.  

Proactive Monitoring Helps Reduce Downtime

Network failures affect employees and clients and waste valuable resources. NOC uses a proactive approach. To stay ahead of network disruption, detecting threats as soon as possible is the most surefire way to mitigate the risk of a breach that leads to downtime. Through 24/7 monitoring, NOC detects issues as soon as they arise. For example, NOC is alerted to abnormal incidents, including unresponsive devices, failed processes, device-generated alerts, unusual device reboots and more. After detecting an incident, NOC provides verification or additional explanation concerning the incident and escalates the issue to the appropriate expert for resolution. NOC catches issues before they become harmful or reach end users, thus eliminating downtime needed to resolve issues after they have intensified.  

24/7 Monitoring Improves Network Performance

Networks perform best with constant monitoring. Many law firms today have limited access to IT monitoring resources outside of office hours. NOC’s continuous monitoring provides immediate feedback and insight into network performance and issues as they arise, which helps drive operational and business performance.  

Frontline Managed Services uses industry-leading software to collect performance information about the systems, services, and infrastructure that keep law firms operating in both the datacenter and the cloud. Firms’ IT environment health, incident reports, and trend reports are made available on demand.  

Our full suite of managed IT services, including our NOC services, allows firms to outsource and optimize their IT departments. If you have questions about how to ensure data safety and mitigate downtime through network monitoring, we can help. Contact us today. 

Vik Shingadia is the Vice President of Technical
Services at Frontline Managed Services.